Friday, July 15, 2011

My life.

What's one life out of almost 7 billion? Nothing, and yet everything.

I thought that the picture, though not exactly synonymous with this post, was a good addition nonetheless. Have you ever stood beside the ocean and just gazed out at the waves, stretching all the way out into the horizon, wondering how there could be such a big body of water right in front of you? Or laid on your back at night and stared at the stars, the endless expanse stretching out into space... Would anyone even care if I blogged about me, one insignificant life? Who cares about my personal life anyways?

But I guess some people might still find it fascinating. And I suppose the saying is "a penny for your thoughts." It's always interesting to see what other people's lives are like. For example, I really want to eat some cherries right now. Or go cherry-picking on a farm and climb trees, eating only the ripest ones that I can find. That sounds fun.

So in order to match the title, I suppose I could start listing things I’ve done in the past week or so in chronological order. Or maybe I’ll try to squeeze my full autobiography into this one post. Or perhaps you readers would prefer something simple and to the point, maybe along the lines of:

Typical teenage boy. Eats food. Fighting parents. Likes girl. Dealing with summer assignments. Sleep. Playing video games. Running for soccer. Looking for a job. Wants people to follow and leave nice comments on his blog. ^_^

That's a pretty good summary. But if you really want to know more about my life I guess you could talk to me. Or write me a letter. Or Facebook stalk me. Or send me emails. Or ask questions on my blog. Or send me subliminal secret messages through fortune cookies. Yeah, I'd be impressed with that last one.


  1. 你有时间博客但是没有空回我的电子邮件 ? I'm really fascinated by the fact that you eat food...

  2. 谢谢你的建议。 我妈妈说你多写中文让我学。 blargh but yeah eating food is a little known fact about me. i'm not too comfortable letting people know my secret so feel honored that i told you

  3. 不用谢 :P 看来我应该总是跟你用中文说话,那样你就可以很快的提高!

  4. 你太客气了。。。我要花太多时间翻译。haha thanks for the vid though


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