Friday, July 22, 2011

A Note of Thanks

Hey everyone, if you're going "wow, this site looks different and wonderfully fantastic now," I just want to do a little explaining about what happened to this site. Or even if you're going "wow this site sucks I hate this blogger" I want to drop you a little note anyways. For those of you who don't know, I suck at working with computers and website stuff and things like that. Heck, if didn't have a template laid out for me when I first started writing, there probably wouldn't be a blog here. And programming? Please. To me, Java, C++, Python, and all that other programming err... programs fall under the generic term "coding stuff". So when I wanted to make changes to this site and make it more presentable, I hadn't the foggiest clue what to do.

So I went for help. My good friend David Zhang just happens to be that "good-at-coding-stuff" guy and was willing to donate his time to help me, and in turn, help you guys enjoy this blog better. And since I just wrote a post about the importance of giving credit where credit is due, I just want to thank David for all his help here. Cuz there's no way I did any of these fancy changes to the site =P So take a look around at David's handiwork, the new and improved way to comment below (hint hint, it's a link that says "leave a comment!"), and other cool options you can now mess around with. Thanks for reading! And make sure you check out David's own blog at (especially if you're a fellow "good-at-coding-stuff" person =D)

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