Saturday, July 23, 2011

Takeoff (in 2nd person)

That feeling of take-off as the front wheels gently leave the ground. The world tilts for a moment as the plane banks. You lean back as it accelerates upwards, pulling you away from the ground and into the air, where you can see everything fade into the hazy distance. Squares of green and brown come into view and you see where the roads connect like veins. The lakes look murky and small, reminiscent of the puddles in your driveway.

So many different shades of green! Trees cover the terrain in splotches, interconnecting between areas of flattened land and construction. You see the very slight curve of the earth in the horizon in a moment of wondrous delight. You hear the roar of the engines behind you as they hurtle you through space, the terrain below moving in slow motion. Breathtaking. Tiny boats can be seen skimming through one of the Great Lakes, gigantic in proportion. They leave visible trails of white in the shimmering blue.

And then you break through the white film of moisture and you're above the clouds. Shadows of the clouds beside you drift over the land below. From above you can see the top of the clouds and their three-dimensional texture, forming a terrain of its own. The land looks big, but as you continue to rise, the size of the giant loners of the air astound you. Layers upon layers of cloud pass below you and soon it's another world entirely....

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