Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's that distinct continuous buzz that can be heard almost everywhere come summer. Rarely do you see these insects in trees, but their sound can always be heard, swelling and ebbing in an almost harsh tone. I've only recently began to hear the cicadas around my neighborhood and elsewhere when I go on a run- they seem to be most pronounced around noon and late evening, but that has no scientific basing whatsoever.

The cicadas have kind of snuck up on me this summer. It's a sure sign that summer has arrived, but I can never pinpoint the first day that I hear them. It's one of those things that stay in the background and you never notice until you pay close attention, like the humming of your fridge or computer. Your brain is so used to it that it almost blocks it out, until the moment where you're suddenly like "What's that buzzing? Wow, those cicadas are really loud!" I guess the same thing happens with leaves changing color come autumn, and flowers bloom in spring. It takes an observant eye to notice the changes right off the bat. But then again, it's nice to be surprised by nature once in a while.

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