Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Credit Moochers

Wasn't sure what image to use for this post, but everything's better with a minion, right? 
Don't you hate it when people get credit for something they didn't do? Especially if you put in a lot of time and effort to accomplish something, and then someone else gets recognized for it. It's something that really bothers me and I'm trying to figure out why. I think it's more the fact that the person gets undeserved credit, rather than the fact that I'm not the one receiving it.

I guess it comes in a lot of different situations, like putting a lot of thought into choosing a gift for someone, only to have your other friend buy it for them and pretend they thought of it themselves. Or giving an answer to a question during class in school, have the teacher not hear you, and then watching as someone else raises their hand and gets the credit. I find that for manual labor (mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, washing the dishes), I'm not bothered if no one notices. But as soon as the credit goes to someone else, without that person lifting a finger, then I get mad.

I guess it's the same with ideas, and I bet it's happened with everyone at least once in their lives. I can think of one famous example- of how Watson and Crick got all the credit for discovering that DNA was a double helix, when in fact much of their research and work was based off Rosalind Franklin, the actual researcher and taker of the photographs. Sometimes there's nothing you can do but just accept it, even if you have the urge to just shout out to the world how things really went down. Do that, and everyone will just think you're arrogant and self centered.

So here's my solution: if the person who stole the credit did it unknowingly, learn to let it go. If the person had malicious intent behind it, smile to the world as if you're happy he got credit for it, but then go beat out his brains in private later.

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