Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who Needs Summer Assignments?

I mean, really. Whoever came up with the idea of assigning kids homework over the summer had a pretty warped idea of what summer was supposed to be like. Summer is supposed to be lazy, fun, memorable, mostly carefree... the last thing any kid needs is required work that's "due" at the beginning of the next school year. I hate that feeling of having that assignment just hang over your head all summer, just dreading the day when you finally have to start working on it.

And whether you're the type who works on it a bit at a time or finishes it all in one go the week before school, it's not like the assignment benefits you that much. All that about "keeping your mind sharp" and "preparing you for the workload" doesn't really make sense, especially with the summer assignments I've gotten. Some teachers claim they without the summer assignment they won't be able to get through the curriculum, but I would rather have a relaxing summer and a slightly sped up school year than have to do curriculum work when I'm not motivated at all.

So yeah, some assignments aren't bad and I'm exaggerating how time-consuming they are, but it's the thought that counts. I just want to have a care-free summer, period. Summer's the time to enjoy yourself and your hobbies. It's the time to get a job, work an internship, or do something else creative or interesting. Or at least something that's worthwhile and memorable, rather than drudge-work in the form of a summer assignment. Keep that kind of stuff for the school year, please.


  1. Interesting - though no one can deny it's important to do SOMETHING during the summer.

    The book "Outliers" actually explained that the primary reason middle-upper class kids achieve more academically than lower-class kids is that the latter rarely engages in intellectual activity during the summer. Simple as that.

  2. Yup! So for you middle-upper class kids out there, don't take your summer for granted. Your summer assignment might not be any more intellectually-stimulating than mowing the lawn. Find something that is. =]


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