Thursday, July 28, 2011

"That" first guy

Blue buggy *punch* no punch back!

It never gets old... maybe it's because there's a lot more buggies on the roads here in California, but there's nothing like some friendly punches to stave away boredom in the car. Just scan the roads for any brightly colored buggy, make sure you're the first to sight it, and then claim your prize.

So I've been wondering.... who started it all anyway? I went on wikipedia and Yahoo answers to find out, but only got a general idea of how the captivating game all started. Apparently it started as "Slug Bugs" sometime in the 1960s (comment below if you have additional details!) But who was that first guy that decided to slug his friends for seeing a vehicle drive by? It's like "that" guy who first thought of milking a cow and drinking what came out, or any number of other crazy inventive things. We'll certainly never know, but it's still fun to keep passing the tradition along. And whoever "those" first guys were, they must be feeling pretty baller right now.

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