Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Youtube has everything

(Rainy mood cont.)
Thanks to a comment on my last post, I can know re-create that peaceful rain patter on the windows anytime I want to... even if it's bright and sunny out like it is right now. AWESOME. I wish I had a computer in my room so I could fall asleep to this every night. It's so peaceful, too, that I think I'll auto-replay it and listen to it if the house is getting loud and I need to focus or just think. (So thanks "anonymous" =] I love when I get interesting comments like this.)

So here's the link so the rest of you can enjoy it too:

This just made me marvel at the variety of things that Youtube has to offer. I mean, I'm a frequent visitor, but I'm still amazed at stuff like this that I can get for free. And there's probably tutorials for just about anything you can imagine. Someone should make a blog and try to post a new (but different style of video) everyday. Now that'd be interesting to browse through.

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