Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amusement Parks, State Fairs....... and BIG Stuffed Animals

I just realized that the New York State Fair is starting a week from today. August 25th-September 5th. I still remember going to it last year with friends, taking the bus up to the fair grounds, walking past the overpriced vendors, looking at the butter sculptures, drinking chocolate milk and eating corn on the cob and then some cheese fries. It was a fun time. I can't believe my friend got the deep fried Milky Way though. Just looking at it and wondering how many calories was in that thing made me gag. He claimed it was delicious. 

And how could I forget all the different booths? I don't remember buying anything last year, but what I do remember is walking by one of those game booths and having a "IT'S SO FLUFFYYY" moment when I saw how big the stuffed animal prizes were. Seriously, those things were ginormous! I wanted so badly to win a life-sized minion from Despicable Me and take it home with me. There's just this appeal to having a giant stuffed animal so you can show it off and brag about winning it. Or just cuddle up with in bed, nothing wrong with that right? Actually I vaguely remember a time in my childhood where we went to a relatives house and they owned a stuffed Pikachu as big as I was. Too awesome. 

Anyways, one of these days, I'm going to an amusement park or fair and not leaving until I win one of those. I might spend a hundred or so dollars, but that's how much they would cost in stores, right? Only until I win a giant Domo and put it on the shelf in my bedroom will my life be complete. 

Here's the Domo I saw at Great American on my trip to California... we got soo close to winning it. But oh well it wouldn't have fit in my luggage anyways so my destiny still awaits.

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