Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ayooooo, weekly challenge #5 here. If you like this blog, you should participate in this. =]
Basically for weekly challenges, this is how it goes down.

1. I ask a question.
2. Readers (meaning YOU) will think of the answer
3. Readers will email me their answer, AND a blog topic they want me to post about
4. I'll be happy, reader who submitted will be happy, everyone will be happy and we'll be one step closer to achieving world peace

-In reference to my last post, what movie/character am I referencing with the "opportune moment?" (hint: I would say the character's name starts with a "J" but it really starts with a "C" because it's Captain ___ _____ =D)
-Email me at:
**I'm changing the rules again, these weekly challenges will now be open indefinitely until I say so. Meaning if you are reading this a month after I post it, you can still email me the answer! This includes previous weekly challenges as well.

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