Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Movies with the family

A lot of times, it's the people you see a movie with that makes it so memorable. Good company can make a movie infinitely better, no matter how dull or lame the movie was to begin with.

This past vacation I was on with my relatives in California has given me so many good memories. I watched 5 movies- Despicable Me, UP, Winnie the Pooh, How to Train Your Dragon, and The Notebook. All of them were good. All of them were with family, which made it even better. (And for the record, Winnie the Pooh was surprisingly good. I was cracking up at some points during the movie and I had forgotten how warming childhood stories can still be. I recommend going, even if you are without a younger child or sibling to use as an "excuse" to go).

But anyways, out of the 5 movies, How to Train Your Dragon was the best. I mean, I had already loved it before, but this time we were watching it with the entire family. My younger cousins were sitting on the couch or laying on the floor. The cousins around my age were sitting in the seats by the side. Even my uncle was stretched out on a side couch and my aunt was watching from the back. At the times I was finally able to tear my eyes away from the screen, I would glance around the room and just feel totally at peace, relaxed and so happy to be able to share a movie with everyone. Laughing together, making funny remarks together, tearing at the eys together.... okay maybe that was just me. But still, it was an awesome experience. Even my six-and-a-half-year-old cousin was watching with wide eyes and laughing at the good parts.

I'm going to miss all of them so much. A good family movie is just that much more memorable than anything else.


  1. It's interesting you have this post because I just watched The Prestige (finally) and 讓子彈飛 with my family - haha

  2. the prestige is a good movie =D but david my friend you still have a lot of movie catching up to do =P


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