Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pick me uppers

It happens all the time to me. Maybe it's the stress of school and college applications, maybe it's the lack of adequate sleep, or maybe it's just a part of life- there are times when I wake up and I just feel terrible. There's no energy, no emotion, no motivation... and I can't really explain why. It's a drowning feeling really, except when I look up I can't see the surface of the water, and below me is just a bottomless depth of fluid black.

It's tough to work through those moments that can last either a few minutes or can last up to a whole day. Sleep is sometimes a great remedy, but other times I wake up feeling groggy or worse than before. So what else is there? Music and writing, of course. And I recently stumbled upon another teenage blog, the quiet voice, that focuses on just that- good books, good music, and life. It made me really happy to read someone else blogging about music and books that I've either read or may read in the future. So I guess that's another one of my pick me uppers, finding other teens to connect with and reading their blogs.


  1. Hey Andrew, this is Thomas from the quiet voice. Thanks for the shout-out! To be honest I've experienced those moments as well - when you feel like there's no point in trying and you don't know why.

    But you're right. Doing activities you enjoy and keeping yourself occupied are good ways to fight sadness and depression. As you can see from my blog I read, I write, and I listen to music (like you've mentioned), all of which are things that I love to do.

    Hm, nice blog, I think I'll subscribe. Keep up the good work. (:

  2. Hey, thanks for taking a look! Blogging helps me get over those "I don't feel like doing anything" moments as well. It's awesome we have a lot in common, I look forward to more of your music posts =D


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