Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Willpower vs. Fear - The Green Lantern

My last post about the alien robots who came down to Earth to well, run reminded me of The Green Lantern that I saw a couple of days ago in the theaters. So yeah, the moral of the movie was that the power of will is greater than the power of fear. It's awesome that they characterized it nice and simple with will being everything green and fear being this scary dark yellow. Sweet.

But as I was watching I realized there was some truth to it after all. I mean, fear can only compel you to do so much. And society today in the US is already past dictatorships and monarchies that force citizens to act out of fear. People don't always do their best when threatened, either. The best works and masterpieces always come from people who were internally motivated, motivated to do something because they believed it was important or worthwhile. Actions that are internally motivated have an intrinsic value that will overshadow anything that is externally forced or stimulated.

So yeah, the movie was a bit cheesy but the humor and good action made up for it. I liked it overall, the characters were fitting, Blake Lively was hot as the pilot and female lead, and the pace was good. The only qualm that I had was how it ended: I felt it was a bit anti-climatic after the whole scene with the gathering of the Lanterns. I mean, I know Hal Jordan would be the one to eventually kill Parallax, but I expected a large-scale battle scene with all the Lanterns firing off cool green energy at once in space. And what was with Parallax's death?? It was cool to cycle back to the "the bigger you are the faster you burn" line and the stunt that Hal pulls off in the beginning, but it was way too lame for Parallax, who was supposedly once a guardian. There are a kajillion stars in the universe, did Parallax and the guardians really not encounter any in their whole existence to know how to avoid a star's gravity? Haha but that's just me, it was a good movie overall, and I'll be interested in seeing the sequel.

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