Wednesday, June 29, 2011


AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH. Did that catch your attention? Good. Cuz you know what I just realized? I'm competing for your attention among thousands of blogs, dozens of social networking sites, the TV, Youtube, your mother.... I guarantee at least one of the things I mentioned is in close proximity to you right now. So yeah. Believe it or not, we are all competing for your attention and time. And especially your subconscious. (Haha just kidding that's just creepy, I just wanted to make a reference to my previous post =P)

So like all good businesses do, let me tell you why I am better than my competitors out there. Give me 15 minutes and I'll save you 15% or more on car insur.... wait wrong thing. ^^ The truth is my measly blog probably can't compete with those giant monopolies out there such as Facebook and Youtube... I mean seriously, Facebook and Youtube are both open on tabs next to my blog right now. So I guess I'm competing for my own attention as well, who knew?

Anyways, here's my real argument: you probably have important stuff to do and a life to live. So as long as you're wasting time on Facebook and AIM and Youtube browsing and, why not let me waste your time? Because unlike all those other sites, I'm completely HUMAN. That's right, not only do I have ten fingers to type with, but I also have a human brain and heart. So when I take a photograph of the world (figuratively speaking), I take a picture but I also cry or rant or laugh or muse about it as well. Like millions of teenagers out there, I have my own opinions and my own aha! moments. I hope as you're reading through this blog you'll find a post that you can relate to and all this typing will be worthwhile. 

So entertain one of my thoughts for a while... what if I tried making this site and blog even more human by adding in an interactive feature? DRUMROLL please....... I'm proud to present....... the first ever...... WEEKLY CHALLENGE!!! Hooray! Though I might not have one of these every week, I'll toss one in whenever I feel like it. The idea is that I'll have a question or challenge, and the first reader to take the time to email me the answer will get the honor and prestige of choosing the next topic I blog about (appropriate material, of course). I guess I'll start off easy.

-What company's slogan did I reference in this post?
*Email me at
*Subject header should include the word BLOG somewhere so I know it's not spam
*Include ONE topic that you would want me to blog about!!
*I'll be checking the times that emails arrive in my inbox to determine which reader is first
*Good luck!!! (considering this blog is relatively new, let's hope I'm not going to be left hanging and feeling stupid about myself... xD)


  1. Hopefully someone didn't already answer this one (even though it is a few months later.. ^^;; )

    I think this is the correct answer : Geico? o.o

    Your recent post reminded me of a verse in Romans I read with a group about strengths and weaknesses and the gifts God gives each of us...
    so..sorta common question, but what would you say is your greatest strength (or gift that God gave you) & weakness?

  2. Don't worry, even though it's a while back you're only the second to answer so I'll still accept it! =D Are you possibly talking about Romans 12:6?

    Thanks for the great suggestion, I'm definitely going to write about it in the near future!

  3. Yup! The version of the verse you wrote on your latest blog was actually the exact same as it was in my bible. Pretty cool, eh?

    Anyways, thanks for writing a response! ;]

  4. That is pretty cool ^^
    Thank YOU for commenting and bothering to read my older posts!


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