Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Interesting commercials

Some commercials just make me laugh. When I saw the hamster dance commercial for Kia Soul, I just had to go back and watch it again. (Song is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.)

It's funny how a popular or recent pop song can really make a commercial stick in your head (successful marketing right there, I guess). And how about this Doritos commercial from the 2007 Superbowl?

But then there are also commercials that are truly inspiring. I remember this one from a while back that I loved watching every time it came on. So much so that I even found it on Youtube. They made the soundtrack into a whole album entitled "The Blue Sky Project." This particular clip uses the song "Pirates," but I still think back to this commercial every time I hear it on my ipod. The boy, the ships, the billowing sails... to me the music captures the essence of youthful imagination. 

What other commercials have you seen that you think are really memorable? Let me know in the comments below!

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