Wednesday, September 7, 2011

End of summer, back to school

It's here, once again. The end to one whole summer of fun, laughter, excitement, memories, pool parties, family, friends, bug bites, and talking into the night. The end to sleeping in. The end to joyful abandon and rested peace. I will miss those lazy afternoons and memorable evenings spent walking around and enjoying the time at hand, not worrying about the next day. I will miss taking the time to gaze at the stars and feel the wind on my skin, soaking in the golden rays of summer sun or savoring a refreshing, cold drink. The days of warmth and sun are giving way to autumn, cooler temperatures and overcast skies.

It's interesting to think that many people still put a lot of emphasis on New Year's resolutions, the turning of the year from December to January. But by then the weather one day is already indistinguishable from the next. In Syracuse, there will already by a thick layer of white snow on the ground. The only quivering energy in the air is the energy left over from Christmas. For teens and young adults still going to school, doesn't it make more sense to base the year around September? I know I do- it's an obvious transition from relaxation to work. And it's shocking how fast summer vacation has gone by.

It feels like only yesterday I was still in California with my cousins, enjoying the beach and lack of work or stress. Getting my senior schedule in the mail was one thing, knowing I have to pack my bag for 8 hours of school tomorrow is another. And don't even talk to me about getting up at 6 am. I guess in some ways I am still excited to go back to school. I get to see all my friends and classmates again, which is always fun. There's a feeling of authority now presiding with us seniors. We can just walk to school and through the hallways and just feel like we own the place. Classes and homework will be a bother, but that's okay, fall sports and other school spirit events will make up for it.

And as for those who already started school, you have my sympathies. The first day of school is fun. The second day is alright. The third day is bearable. And then it usually goes downhill from there. But hey, there are still other things to be happy about. Autumn is coming, the leaves will be changing color and the bugs will start to disappear. Forget some of the disappointments of summer and concentrate on having a good year. After all, the feeling of a fresh start only comes once a school year.

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