Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fans are awesome

Someone in the crowd brought a vuvuzela to our soccer match today. It was awesome. 
Fans are truly awesome. And by that I mean team supporters, not the electric ones you turn on when it's hot. Why do they call them "fans" anyways? For any sports team out there, it's always 100 times better when fans came to watch and support you. The feeling of being on the field or court or track and hearing familiar voices shout out encouragement while you compete has got to be the best feeling in the world for any athlete. And spectators- don't forget that your presence is always appreciated! It may not seem like people notice you out of the crowd, but the teams do. It's so encouraging when other classmates have school spirit and take time out of their day to watch a game or match. I had that honor this evening to have a sizable crowd at our soccer match. So you know what, fan-with-the-vuvuzela? You just made my day.

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